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The Chevrolet Corvette sports car is not only famous in the United States of America but also was popular in Europe and Japan. When the car was made popular in the US under the brand of Chevrolet, it was made popular and sold under the brand of Corvette itself in Japan and Europe. One of the other highlights of Chevrolet Corvette car was its flexibility as it allowed the user to convert the car to different models and appearances as per their wish. It is now the classic car everyone wants. Therefore a lot of classic car auto insurance is for the Chevrolet Corvette sports car.

It is interesting to know the story which led to the manufacturing of Corvette. The credit should go to Harley Earl who was marvelous automobile designer and had a rare passion towards work. He was hired by General Motors in the year 1927, and his long tenure with them produced some of the best cars of the century. After the Second World War, lots of companies had come forward in developing new attractive cars including Jaguars and MGs. It was in the year 1951, Nash motors, one of the reputed motor car companies of that time designed a two seated super car known as the Nash-Healey. Nash motors were assisted by some of the giants in the motor car industry which included flamboyant Italian designer and an illustrious British Engineer.

Inspired by this move of Nash motors, Harley Earl was tremendously moved with an intense desire of producing a two-seated sports car. He made proposals and recommendations to his company for designing a two-seated dashing sports car. Having sensed the desire of the market, Harley Earl did not have to think twice to try and get the sanction from General Motors. The company gave the sanction to move ahead with the project and Harley Earl, with his splendid team of experts started exploring the latest opportunities which could help them in manufacturing a two seated sports car. The efforts and risk taken by Harley and his team paid off since the outcome was a stupendous Corvette which was released in the year 1953. During the ip53 Motorama car show, the new sports car corvette was presented to the entire world, and the world looked on with surprise. The original design of the Corvette has an American flag imprinted on it. However, General Motors had to remove the American flag after realizing the problems associated with incorporating a national flag for a particular product.

The main components of the Chevrolet Corvette sports car had original Chevrolet products while the body was built with fiber glass. Words of appreciation would not be enough for the designers, and engineers behind the Corvette sports car simply worked a miracle because assembling the revolutionary car was a tough ask since manual assembly was the only solution available at that time. Corvettes and Camaros can now be found throughout the world from Chandler Chevrolet in Arizona to car dealerships in Japan. The manufacturing plants were at Flint and Michigan and it was done at the delivery centre of General Motors.

But the major thing was yet to happen and it was in the year 1955, the personal car model of Chevrolet Corvette released. It was actually a thunder bird and really, it set a bench mark among cars of that time.